November 15, 2008

Gay Marriage: The number one divisive social issue for the next decade

With the election of Barack Obama as President, I think that the issue of racial discrimination will fall off the front burner for a few years. This will allow the issue of gay marriage to move into the forefront. I think it will be a bitterly divisive issue.

In fact, I think it will become bigger than abortion, second historically only to how divisive the slavery issue was in the mid 19th century. It will certainly play a role in the deathwatch. It is the classic irresistible force colliding head on with the immovable object. It’s Blue vs. Red states, Progressives vs. Traditionalists, and the side that loses will be furious - likely to the point of violence.

On one side we have the liberal multiculturalists and what I call their Prime Directive:
There shall be no discrimination or intolerance of any kind, against any minority group, for any reason. Violations are nothing but bigotry and homophobia. Their key point is that homosexuality, like race, is innate and it's grossly unfair to discriminate against one but not the other.

On the other side, we have the Christian faithful, large in number and very passionate in their belief that matrimony is holy, a sacred covenant, an oath taken under God only by a man and a woman. Their key point is that heterosexual marriage has a traditional procreative orientation, and has proven to be very beneficial to society, because it leads to stable families and to children who grow up to be productive adults.

I can't see any middle ground here, and no compromise by either side. I expect to see gay marriage approved in nearly all of the Blue states over time, (including its re-approval in California), but banned in all of the Red states. A future Supreme Court challenge and ruling is likely at some point, and would greatly enrage the loser. This potentially long and bitterly divisive issue will further deepen the "morality gap" between the Blue and the Red states and hence continue to weaken the national union overall.

Forced to choose sides, I have to agree with the traditionalists. The problem I see is that if gay marriage were legal nationwide, this would not be the end of the issue.

First, there would be no reason to prohibit other nontraditional marriages such as polygamy, or adult marriages to minors. They would be the next group to claim discrimination. We would travel down a slippery slope with no end in sight.

Second, traditional marriage already has become so weakened by high no-fault divorce rates and out-of-wedlock births, any further revolutionary changes would render it meaningless. Some traditions are just to valuable to society to experiment with, and marriage, with its centuries of Judeo-Christian heritage behind it, is one of them.

Finally, gay marriage allowed from a strictly civil standpoint would create a deep cultural gulf between its loose standards, and the absolute bar for religious heterosexual marriage. There would be tremendous pressure from the Left to eliminate that gulf and demand Church sanctioned gay weddings. This is where the issue would become the most explosive: the sight of two men in matching tuxedos or two women in matching bridal gowns taking the solemn vow while everyone silently shouts “God approves!" would be just too much to bear for the religious right. Gay marriage is so visible, it would be worse for them than just watching a pregnant woman walking into an abortion clinic, since you don’t actually see the abortion.

Should religious gay weddings become common, it would lead to an even more potentially divisive crisis - a schism within American Christianity itself. This would be very dangerous, a weakened Christianity, occurring along with an increasingly militant group of non-believers and the growth of Islam, would put America in the same perilous situation Europe finds itself in.

To conclude, this doesn't mean I'm condemning all gay relationships per se. I'm tolerant and libertarian enough not to do that. I'm just asking that for once, could a minority group please make a sacrifice for the greater good, and lighten up with the demands.


Zeke said...

You have to be joking. The gays are not going to "lighten up"! They, in their minds are the heirs of Martin Luther King (and perhaps Marrin Luther, too, who knows?). They are right and goddess and history are on their side. So, one thing we know for sure is that they will not 'lighten up' or lessen their demands in any way.

In fact the vision you dread: Fred and Sam at the alter is exactly the one they crave, and they will not stop until they get it.

One only has to observe the unhinged behavior of the gay marraige advocates in California in the wake of the defeat: disrupting church services, vicious personal attacks based on campaign contribution databases, business boycotts, even beatings.

The outcome of the California vote will be fascinating. The people have now spoken. If the courts overrule this it will be the final nail in the coffin of the illusion of "democracy" in the Golden State.

It doesn't matter what you uninformed lumpen say: the decision is ultimately to be made by a few judges.

I suspect they will overturn, an amazing act of hubris. That should be yet another signal for anyone with a brain to get the hell out of that state.

The budget deficit is another one! Who is going to pay for California's misadventures?

Hint: It will not be the millions of illegals who don't have SSI numbers and don't pay many taxes. It will be the remaining, shrinking base of slightly higher wage earning, mostly white, serfs.

While surrounding states have problems, as do other big welfare states like NY and Illinois, it is California that is apt to be the ultimate canary for your scenario of dissolution.

AndyK said...

Zeke - Agreed, California is America's most dysfunctional State.
How does the saying go, California today is America 20-30 years from now?

It's the most diverse state in the union, which is supposed to be such a "strength", but in reality one minority group, Blacks, voted 70-30% for the ban, (according to CNN's exit poll) thereby helping to defeat the wishes of another minority group (gays)!

Sounds more like what diversity really is: Conflict and Tribalism.
I guess some groups feel their oppression is more deserving than another's is. here's a link to the exit poll: