August 24, 2010

Eastern Indiana - The Land that Multiculturalism Forgot

If this blog title sounds like a twist on an old Sci-Fi movie, it is! I have finally moved from the New York City Metro area (aka The land that Multiculturalism Overran) to a small city in semi-rural eastern Indiana, and what an amazing change it is!

I had lived almost all of my 50+ years in the New York City area, and the change is just stunning! I have gone from a city that is about 40% White, 30% Hispanic, 20% Black, and 10% Asian/other to a small city that is about 85% white, 10% black and 5% other. You really have to make such a move yourself to understand it, it's as if I not only moved physically, but also stepped into an H.G. Wells style Time Machine and stepped back to around 1975!

It really is amazing to go out anywhere in public and not hear Spanish or any other language but English spoken, and I've been here about two months. At my old address I would hear Spanish within seconds of entering any public place! Everybody, both the whites and the blacks are also much better behaved here than in New York. I really find it hard to put into words what it's like. If anyone who considers themselves a "Racial Conservative" and is still living in a multiracial part of America, I would say to you to stop being a modern day Jonah trying to survive in the belly of the multicultural whale and MOVE OUT NOW! It will give you such a positive lift to your psyche you won't regret it.

The only negative part I've noticed is that the Whites here are still rather naive about the profound changes sweeping much of the country racially, as they are living in an area where time has basically stood still, and take for granted the local demographics. It makes it harder for them to understand that being conservative (and it is a strongly conservative area) can also mean being a racial conservative without being ashamed of it.

Sometimes it feels like I've stepped into a movie that you might see on Turner Classics, except it's real and in color. This is more than just nostalgia, believe me. So again, if you are fed up with the changes that the 1965 Immigration Act, Liberalism and Multiculturalism have wrought in your city or town, and can't see it ever stopping, vote with your feet and move away! Yes, I know this just buys you some time, it doesn't solve the problem itself, but it's worth it in terms of your personal piece of mind.

March 23, 2010

One Step Closer...

With the passage of Obama's health care plan, which is really just a new tax on the middle class now, with no real meaningful benefits until 2014 and only if your poor or nearly so, we have moved one step closer to losing the USA as we have known it.

Health insurance companies and the pharmaceuticals can and will keep on raising rates, which will be passed onto doctors and employers, which will be passed onto most of the general public, all in anticipation of the 2014 rules for mandatory insurance. It also gives the individual State governments just two years of subsidies, then cuts them off, so they will have to pass on the costs to the public. It also reduces Medicare benefits while raising Medicaid benefits.

So what we have is the Socialization of what will be by 2014 about one-fifth (20%) of the American economy's GDP. This is more than just class warfare with a racial edge to it, it's something worse, something bigger and more profound. I struggle to find the right words to describe it.

At this point my Fall of 2008 prediction of a better than 50% chance of an economic and political collapse of the United States in 20 years is now being revised to a 60% chance.