October 3, 2009

Five minutes in an American multicultural hell-hole

Went out for a brief walk today from my White Plains NY apartment to my local pharmacist to pick up a prescription. It's a quick walk, only five minutes one way, but on a busy semi-downtown street. Today, being a Saturday, it was quite crowded with other pedestrians and some storefront loiterers. In this short time I saw or passed the following:

An orthodox Jewish family threesome of grandfather, father & son dressed in jackets & neckties, a scruffy white teenage kid with a gross heavy metal t-shirt design gabbing on a cellphone, a couple of poorly dressed Black men sitting on a bench in front of a bodega advertising Play-lotto here, a couple of Hispanic families going into and out of a laundromat yakking away in Espanol, and a few Whites, mostly elderly, mixed in with several other younger brownish immigrant types. In the pharmacy, the Indian pharmacist was on the phone with a customer and apparently neither could understand one another. During all this time I was having to bite my lip to either keep from shouting out loud "Where have all the Whiteys gone!" or to keep from laughing because:

This isn't just Diversity anymore, it has become a pathetic caricature of itself, a big joke, like John Cleese of Monty Python days doing a Hitler comedy skit complete with silly goose-stepping walks. My hometown, which I've lived in for nearly all of my 50 odd years, is now like a foreign country to me. I figured out long ago that diversity wasn't our greatest source of strength, but now that White Plains, and much of Westchester County NY has been completely transformed by our Globalist Multiculturalist Elite overlords I've had it! I'm going to vote with my feet, and put the co-op for sale, weak market be damned, I'll take a loss just to get out of here now.

I think I'll move out to semi-rural 90+% white Indiana, where my sister's family lives. And for all of you White Liberals who love this diversity, who would get teary-eyed with joy taking the same five minute walk I just took, you can have it all to yourselves! Just make sure you stay in downstate New York, and California, and all the other parts you've ruined, and stay out of any county in America which is still 90+% white! And for any European-American who agrees with me, start planning your move too. It's time to draw a line in the sand and work on keeping the parts of America not overrun with Diversity the way they are. Geographic dominance will have to come first, before any real workable effort to stop what I call "The Great Transformation" can begin.

You know who the one person I felt sorry for in the crowd (besides myself) was? The orthodox Jewish 10 year old kid! I wonder if he ever asks his dad "Why am I so different from the others and have to dress up while everyone else dresses like slobs, etc.?" A better question would be "Is it really a good idea to be part of a closed Nation-within-a-Nation?" Because that's what America is becoming, a multicultural empire with open borders and countless nations-within-nations like the Black nation, Hispanic nation, Gay nation, Islamic nation, etc., all except for a White nation, but we can't have that because that would be RACIST!

America is breaking down tribally, as if it was reverting to its pre-European discovery days, when it was just the Indians, ethnically and racially similar in this case but broken into hundreds of tribes who spent centuries at war with each other. And this was with a total population estimated to have peaked at just 3 to 5 million in 1700! But now our current tribal breakdown is occurring with over population looming, and it can't end well. This new warfare, a political and cultural one, will be fought first in the courts, in the voting booth, in the State Legislatures and in Congress, and if not resolved, in the streets. This is why the USA Death Watch continues...

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Anonymous said...

right on brother, you hit the nail
on the head, global corporations
are selling us down the river for
a buck, and the politicians and media
are on that train, everyones a victim
and its a pc hellhole
get out while you can