November 22, 2008

Rare MSM articles about the future of the USA (Part Two) American Apocalypse Soon

In 1994 the New York Post, one of the few major newspapers with a Republican/Conservative Op-Ed theme, hired a young columnist named Scott McConnell, who wasn't shy about writing about immigration/multiculturalism, and its negative effects on America.

On 7/19/95, he wrote a column titled "American Apocalypse - Soon?" (Growing doubts about the lasting viability of a multicultural U.S.), which must have given his boss a good case of indigestion. McConnell's conclusion was that:

"In it's current direction, the U.S. - aggressively multicultural, libertine and violent in its mass entertainment, with an expanding Third World population and its corporations eager to pull up stakes and transfer jobs abroad - hardly seems stable over the long term."

Thirteen years later his conclusion looks to me to be even more valid than in 1995. There is no Internet link for the article that I could find, so I have uploaded the original above. (Click it to enlarge).

McConnell also wrote several columns supportive of Pat Buchanan's 1996 Presidential bid, and critical of the Dole/Kemp ticket. Despite this, he was named the Post's editorial page editor in 1996, but it was to be a brief stint. He was fired in 1997 due to a silly P.C. controversy over a column dealing with Puerto Rican Statehood. He became part of a group of immigration restrictionist writers that I call the "Purged Ones", which included the likes of Sam Francis (Washington Times), Peter Brimelow (National Review) and Pat Buchanan (Republican Party), all whom were fired from their positions around that same time.

Scott McConnell now writes for the bi-monthly publication The American Conservative.

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Vanishing American said...

Wow. It seems to me that in 1995 things were a little less PC than they are today. I can't imagine the New York Post today publishing this, nor any mainstream newspaper.