November 29, 2008

The Liberal Multiculturalist's Anti-Bill of Rights

I hope that anyone reading this is familiar with America's first ten constitutional amendments,
also know as the Bill of Rights. They were written to protect the people from a despotic government, in particular the ones the Founding Fathers were familiar with. If you need a refresher, see this link:
bill of rights.

Some have argued that the Bill of Rights has become increasingly meaningless in today's America, and I would have to agree that some of them are largely ignored, but not all of them. Still, they are all slowly becoming endangered, and a key reason for this is the rise of Modern Liberalism and its chief form of enforcement, what I have named in earlier posts as the Bureaucratic Class.

One thing that makes it difficult is that their enforcement is a subtle one, call it Political Correctness if you wish, but it really is more of a "what you can & can't say or think" matter than an actual set of codified beliefs or laws. This is likely deliberately done in order to complicate matters and confuse us, and to hide the truth of where Liberals want to take us.
Therefore I going to try to make things more clear via the list below, mirroring the original Bill of Rights:

What if modern liberals were to codify their beliefs into their own “Anti-Bill of Rights”:

Laws for the Modern Liberal, Multicultural West:

1-There shall be no discrimination or intolerance of any kind, against any minority group, for any reason. Violations are racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. (a.k.a. The Prime Directive).

2-Only liberals can define who a minority group is, and what is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc., and they can redefine this as many times as needed.

3-Our diversity is our greatest source of strength. Anything that adds to our diversity is permitted.

4-All expressions of diversity must not just be tolerated, but celebrated.

5-The national boundaries, identities, and traditions of Western countries are to be abolished.

6- Immigration into Western countries is to be as unrestricted as possible and referred to as Migrations of Oppressed Peoples. 6a- No human being is illegal.

7-No white majority raced city, state, or country can actively continue to preserve this majority. To do so is now officially racist.

8-Religious expression by Christians is permitted only if no other group objects. Muslims, in particular, are exempt from this law.

9-Differences in intelligence and behavior amongst groups is a social construct, and a product of white racism. Any evidence to the contrary is also racist.

10-Ultimate goal: Where everything is either forbidden or compulsory.

In a word, all of the above can be summed up as Deconstruction, that being the elimination of the West's previous culture, race, faith, and traditions and replacing it with a sort of Utopian Brotherhood of Man. Group differences would still exist, but would be meaningless. It would be a racially diverse multicultural society, borderless, but without group conflict.

But the problem is while this Grand Experiment, this Walden Two
is ongoing, (1) the rest of the world continues its traditional ways of tribalism and group conflict, and (2) the West winds up with an oppressive government, because the Experiment will ultimately fail, human nature being what it is. That's why I listed #10 above, it would be the mirror opposite of the intent of the original Tenth Amendment.

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Call Me Mom said...

My personal inclination is not to put things like that into print lest someone takes it as a good idea.

I know folks who would think that was absolutely wonderful. I would rather not help them in their delusion.

Interesting blog.